Q: What are Glue Dots?

Glue Dots are double-sided adhesives that bond instantly to virtually any surface.

Q: Why should I use Glue Dots instead of other adhesives?

Glue Dots bond instantly and unlike liquid glues, require no drying time. They are also mess-free and safer than a hot glue gun.

Q: Are Glue Dots safe to use?

Yes. They are non-toxic and odorless.

Q: Are Glue Dots safe for my photos and precious documents?

Yes. Glue Dots are acid-free, lignin-free and archival-quality, so they are safe to use when preserving photos and precious documents.

Q: How do I apply Glue Dots?

To apply Glue Dots from a roll, press an item to be adhered against the adhesive and peel away from the liner. Press the item into place. To apply Glue Dots from sheets, tear at the perforations and peel the tabs apart. Place the tab with the adhesive onto a surface and press firmly. For details view the How to Apply Glue Dots video.

Q: Where can I use Glue Dots?

They bond to virtually anything and can be used for minor household repairs, craft, hobby, school and home décor projects of all kinds and RV/marine uses.

Q: What surfaces will Glue Dots stick to?

They bond to almost anything like paper, wood, plastic, glass, foam, polymer clay, textiles and more.

Q: Where can I purchase Glue Dots?

Glue Dots® Brand products are available through leading national, local, and online retailers.

Q: Can I bond posters to walls using Glue Dots?

Poster Glue Dots instantly secure posters to cinderblock, plaster or drywall without damaging walls. Poster Glue Dots bond instantly to walls, windows, lockers and mirrors without leaving a messy residue. Purchase Poster Glue Dots at your local office supply or drug store.

Q: Are Glue Dots machine washable?

While they instantly bond to most fabrics, they are not machine washable. Use Glue Dots to create a quick, temporary hem on clothing or for no-sew craft projects that do not require washing.

Q: Can I apply Glue Dots to dirty or moist surfaces?

Some substances, such as oils, dust, moisture and hand lotions, can interfere with the bonding quality. Always make sure surfaces are clean and dry before using.

Q: How do you remove a Glue Dot that is stuck to something you don't want it stuck to?

Glue Dots are designed to create a permanent bond to most surfaces, such as paper. To remove Glue Dots from hard or non-porous surfaces, first try lifting it from the surface using your fingers. If the adhesive will not completely come off, use another Glue Dot to help lift it. If that does not work, use an adhesive remover such as UN-DU.

Q: Will Glue Dots dry out?

Our adhesives are not water-based, therefore they will not dry, yellow or crack over time.

Q: How many Glue Dots per package?

Glue Dots quantities vary depending upon the size, thickness and packaging type. Please visit the View Products page to learn more about our products.

Q: Do you have a removable adhesive?

Yes. Our new Removable Glue Dots provide a strong but temporary bond to most surfaces, so they're great for promotion mailers, posting notes or hanging seasonal or party decorations. Removable Glue Dots are available on rolls, sheets and in a Dot N' Go dispenser.

Q: Can I recycle the Dot N' Go dispensers?

Yes. The Dot N' Go dispensers are plastic and can be recycled.

Q: Are Dot N' Go refills available?

No. Dot N' Go dispensers are intended for one-time use only and are not refillable. However, the plastic housing can be recycled.